Building the Health Research Workforce

The Arizona Hispanic Center of Excellence is building a health research workforce committed to addressing health disparities that have a negative impact on Hispanic health. With this purpose, UAHS HCOE offers two summer enrichment programs for both undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in biomedical research and premed students interested in applying to medical school. BLAISER and FRONTERA empower and enhance underrepresented students' interest, knowledge and commitment to health professions and biomedical research.  These targeted programs provide diverse undergraduate students with mentors, research opportunities and hands on learning environments.  They also provide research internships for underrepresented junior or senior college STEM students from universities in the U.S. – Mexico border region.

Focusing Research on the Border Area (FRONTERA) Summer Internship
Focusing Research on the Border Area (FRONTERA) Summer Internship provides undergraduate premed students with opportunities to prepare for medical school, hands-on research experience, and an increased understanding of public health disparities in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region. Participants are matched with faculty mentors engaged in biomedical and public health research.

Border Latino & American Indian Summer Exposure to Research (BLAISER)
Border Latino and American Indian Summer Exposure to Research (BLAISER) is strongly committed to attracting students that represent the diverse population of the Southwest to biomedical research, and expose them and make them sensitive to the health disparities prevalent in Southern Arizona and the U.S. – Mexico border region. This cutting edge 10-week, undergraduate research experience provides an extraordinary laboratory.

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