Global MedCats – Spain and Costa Rica

Global MedCats offers Spanish language instruction, clinical shadowing, volunteering with local organizations, and cultural immersion with Spanish-speaking families in Costa Rica and Spain. The two six-week summer programs are an ongoing collaboration with UA Study Abroad, UA Pre-Health Professions Advising Center, and in-country organizations like Atlantis Project (Spain) and Hospital Clínica Bíblica (Costa Rica).

Global MedCats – Costa Rica
Global MedCats – Costa Rica strives to prepare pre-health and health professions’ students to provide linguistically appropriate health care services in Spanish through formal coursework, cultural immersion, and clinical observation.  The program is a collaboration among the Arizona Hispanic Center of Excellence, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Hospital Clínica Bíblica, and ICDS Study Abroad…

Global MedCats – Spain
Interested in a health-related field and looking to gain hands-on experience before graduation? Global Medcats - Spain is the perfect blend between internship and study abroad! Expect to shadow European doctors for 20+ hours per week while living in either Toledo or Zaragoza, Spain during this 5-week program…. 

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